January 29, 2022


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Werrason, the Greatest Artist Philanthropist in Africa

Werrason, the Greatest Artist Philanthropist in Africa
Following the example of the late Pope John Paulus II and Mother Theresa in charity, Noel Ngiama Makanda Werrason, a music mogul, African super star born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, made his success in the music industry a way to return to the poor and the needy. Since his career started, Werrason has always thought of helping his country and the continent that are dominated by poverty, social inequality and multiple sources of instability like war, ethnic conflicts, food shortage and drought. Besides the estimated wealth of African countries in resources, “It’s easy to make big promises to nonprofits, but who actually opens their wallets”. In early 2000, Werrason was elevated to the rank of Universal Ambassador for Peace because of his involvement in child education, fighting social inequality, calling for demobilization of child soldiers, assisting widows and victims of war in Eastern DR Congo. Many celebrities, his colleagues artists from United States of America, Europe and other parts of the world joined him in multiple actions. He received in his palace in Kinshasa, Mr. Joseph Jackson, the father of Michael Jackson who was planning to visit the country and make a collaboration with Werrason in music and charity.

Werrason believes he can help people but the means are not sufficient. He needs those who want to help to join his efforts in sharing food, goods, building shelters, donating clothes, paying school fees of children and challenging social inequalities in Africa.
Ngiama Werrason is a music producer, authors, singer and promoter who has several collaboration with internationally recognized artists from Africa, Europe, America and elsewhere. He has donated a lot of money from his musical production to charitable foundations while he also conduct on ground foods, goods and financial assistance in different cities across the Country. He also met world leaders such as Pastor Jesse Jackson and many other civil rights icons.

While in the world, most of the top philanthropists are also among the richest in each country, Werrason donates from everything he receives. Considering that, in total, America’s 50 most generous philanthropists gave out $14.1 billion in 2018, up from $12.6 billion in 2017 and $12.2 billion in 2016, African figures are missing on the line of donors because there is a lack of coverage. However, for Ngiama Makanda Werrason, the most important action is to love and care from the person who donate.
Philanthropy is an important initiative for some of the richest people in the world but also for those with limited means because they believe this world can be change with action. Werrason is one of those who believe to make our world better, we need to assist the needy, the vulnerable and the least off.
In 2020, it is estimated that one in three Africans (422 million people) live below the global poverty line. They represent more than 70 percent of the world’s poorest people.

However, Werrason is standing up to bring a smile to poor across the continent. The call he makes through his Foundation is to show the real face of misery in the continent, the real color of poverty, the aftermath effects of war and the existence of social injustice in African countries. Waiting for policymakers can only make the crisis last forever. Werrason understand that environmental crisis via climate change, food shortage, child education in Africa and extreme poverty are major tools that will determine the future of young Africans in the next 10 years. This is the right time to act. The pace of this net poverty reduction is currently very small counting on African governments’ efforts. There is a need for NGOs and private actors to get involved in creating companies, assisting the needy and becoming agents of development.

If the world hear Werrason now by acting as soon as possible, by 2030, Africa will reduce the ranks of its extremely poor by 45 million and relative poverty will decline from 33.5 percent today to 24 percent. Werrason is calling upon Chief Executive Officers, Politicians, Soccer players, Celebrities, Private Individuals, Businessmen and Women, Professionals and artists, sportsmen and the most influencial figures of the planet, TV personalities and other philanthropists to join their hand with him in helping to fight poverty in Africa while also donating and sharing what they have.

Werrason Foundation is a medium of action that reach people in need that listen to them and bring them material and financial assistance from around the world. At this point, most action are done in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Werrason intends to go to any country if there is an invitation to donate as long as he represents the donors.
The most significant challenges for reducing poverty in Africa are found in just two countries: Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In the meantime, countries are also affected by Coronavirus pandemic, drought, kidnapping, terrorism and education of young men and women. As the Ambassador for the cause of justice, Werrason is welcoming any contribution that will make a difference for the needy.
By Curtis Walton Zambio