Roger Nzaba Foundation Fundraising Gala Dinner

The RNF board of commissioners has invited leading political figures, celebrities, Chief Executive Officers, Businessmen and Businesswomen, Artists, Academics and multiple social actors to the Holiday-inn Rosebank for their fourth quarter fundraising gala dinner event. The Dinner took place on Friday, November 29th, 2019 from 6:00pm to late night. The main Guest speakers were Nontutuzeko Sekhutleleng and Jacob Ssali.

Roger Nzaba is a businessman who holds multiple businesses in South Africa and abroad. He invests in education, technology and social justice domain. Besides his success in business, he is still fazed by misery and poverty on African continent. He decided to bring much of his business profit back in South Africa to help NGOs and other structures to fight inequality and illiteracy among children.

The Roger Nzaba Foundation (RNF) was established back in 2010 as a non-profit organization for the sole purpose of providing financial support towards educational programs and socio-development initiatives in developing countries in Africa. RNF’s mission is to support and finance educational and socio-development programs in developing countries with the help of corporate companies and partners around the world.

Roger Nzaba estimates that poverty is a pervasive force in the world, and unfortunately it is found in every city, and in every country. Almost half of the planet; over 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day. And 1 in 7 people are living in extreme poverty. Many are children. According to statistics, 9,000 youth die each day due to poverty in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the eyes of the world. And based on 2015 enrollment data, about 263 million children of primary school age in the developing world were not in school, and nearly 115 million of our youth are illiterate.

Whether one blames the poor economy or political policies for these severe and tarnishing issues, the fact remains that the need for creative solutions to this plague are needed now more than ever. It is absolutely vital that we work together as a people to fight poverty and illiteracy, and work towards a better and brighter future.

Through his foundation (RNF), Roger Nzaba recognizes that poverty and illiteracy are very complex problems, which require many extraordinary individuals, organizations and groups, all offering their energy, resources, expertise and passions to eradicate these issues in all its forms and manifestations.

There are many families and children struggling with the storm of poverty in their everyday lives, and they deserve and need our best, and together by building a better world for them, we will be building a better world for all.

RNF runs programs such as Kutanga Sponsorship and Bursaries. The Roger Nzaba Foundation, in partnership with its donors provides the necessary funding to see young Africans with academic potential get to university. With their assistance, students are able to study towards any degree at various local universities. The RNF yearly target is 20 students for a (3) year degree course and 50 students for a (1) year diploma course.

The second project is House of Zondi. This is community Centre RNF will built in Blue Hills Midrand, Johannesburg in South Africa, and will contain a Feeding centre, Counseling rooms, Food Warehouse, Event Hall, Library, Conference rooms and Training rooms and offices.

The third project is Kudia Mingi – Feeding Centre. The feeding Center was established by Dr. Roger Nzaba  in May  2010. It serves as a food collection centre for 80 families daily. Each item provided in the hamper is carefully prepared to provide the utmost in proper nutrition.

For everyone interested to assist RNF in helping the vulnerables, here are the contact details. Tel.: +27 11 037 4818

Holding 49,Blue Hills Ext 76 Midrand Johannesburg 1683

Gauteng/South Africa

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