January 29, 2022


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Denis Kadima credentials less important due tribal consideration

The country clings to the appointment of a single man who happens to be missing while Congolese are surrounded by a multitude of knowledgeable men and women, leading them to seek oblivion in solitude. But loneliness can only wither or harm them. The search for the ideal man at the helm of CENI – Independent Electoral Commission, in the Democratic Republic of Congo remains one of the puzzles that the Congolese is yet to understand in the DRC. Would this man be the one!

He is covered with managerial acumen, and his mammoth experience in the world of elections holding and his international credibility with global bodies have convinced him to offering valuable services to his native country, the DRC, in spearheading forthcoming general and presidential elections holding in 2023. Current EISA (Electoral Institute of Southern Africa) Executive Director, Denis KadimaKazadi, wrongly accused as the President preferred candidate given their common ethnicity and tribal identity, is the main man!

EISA, which is a non-profit organization, was created in 1996 and is based in Johannesburg (South Africa). The Electoral Institute has acquired a respectability that goes beyond national and African borders, under the leadership of Denis Kadima whose candidacy as the CENI president, is second to none, with little competition and no debate. In DRC, Denis has mastered the electoral art in terms of regulations and reforms relating to credible, independent and transparent elections holding.

Coupled with a vision for an African continent where democratic governance, human rights and citizen participation are respected in a peaceful environment, EISA is an electoral Special Drawing Right on the continent. This pan-African electoral monitoring and training institution advocates excellence in the promotion of credible elections, citizen participation and strong political institutions for sustainable democracy in Africa. The architect of this masterpiece is a thoroughbred Congolese native. Kadima has been at every electoral gathering to ensure that Africa owns institutions that truly reflect the will of the people, political parties as well as civil society.

Denis Kadimasocial project for the 2023 electoral cycle and beyond includes sets of reforms and regulations. As he advocated on Top Congo, this paradigm change may not take place due to timing, which is very important in carrying out any project. Very soon 24 months would have passed without any outline or beginning of any reforms within CENI being initiated. The hubbub and uproar around the appointment of the CENI President within civil society took precedence over the main agenda, especially with a greedy, tribalist and hateful CENCO. The National Episcopal Conference of Congo has become the sole adjudicator to decide the candidates’ fate, omitting the opinion voiced by seven other religious denominations as well as the Women’s Organizations and Civil Society.

Endeavours in questioning Denis Kadima’s determination to invent a new CENI are endless. To manage is to administer the citizens, it is about having a vision, it is about governing, foreseeing and providing. His critics have pointed out the candidate’s tribal and ethnic connections with the President of the Republic, while the country is at crossroads. Are tribal acquaintances being one of the prerequisites for the appointment of the CENIPresident? Former President Joseph Kabila and former CENI President NgoieMulunda both originate from the Swahiliphoneterritorial space, yet the appointment of the latter gave no rise to discomfort in a tribal context. Why a muluba has to pay for a happenstance completely beyond his control? What would CENCO have said when John Fitzgerald Kennedy made his brother Bob Francis Kennedy, United States Attorney General (Minister of Justice) following his election as the USA president? The Congolese people has realized that CENCO has become the thorn in their flesh since they pursue their quest for credible and stable institutions.

The CENI President Candidate is a pragmatic election professional; Denis Kadimawas able to demonstrate that he is better seasoned to hold the CENI skiff well despite the roaring waves and the raging tsunami along the way. There is no need to revisit his curriculum vitae as his credentials speak for themselves; which makes him an outstanding candidate. His achievements are a testimony to his electoral maturity, ready to embark on reforming CENI holistically. His inventive ideas, coupled withideals and principles dexterity, unlike any other, including his stereotyped leadership tailored to convince the Congolese men and women,necessary to change the way elections are held as hiccups have been witnessed since 2006 to 2018 elections. This is a theorem whose axioms’logic which underlie a theory always leads to convincing results. It is about Denis Kadimasacrosanct attributes that would annihilate Congolese people despair so that he is no longer ignorant about the reality while expecting unchallenged elections, free from mischiefs but transparent. Very cleverly, Denis sees things from another angle, no offense to those he made “Managers” andnow they hate him; perhaps his globalist vision to deal with cacophonies that still remain the main elections feature in the DRC, is too much for his critics who are still delving into the status quo. But his savoir-faire is gaining a lot of enthusiasm, even among the hard-core apparatchiks who are in awe.

Always on the lookout, Denis Kadima is well acquainted with CENI without having worked for them, but for having trained Directors and other staff of the CENI. He claims to transform the CENI into the linchpin of demonstration par excellence of democracy in the sub-region and in Africa. His achievements as Director of EISA are self-explanatory. He remains a leading figure and Congo would like to see him leading much needed change within CENI. His managerial attributes as well as his leadership remain the rationale behind his decision to apply for the CENI. The setting up of EISA offices across Africa illustrates his ability to lead such a large electoral institution in the DRC. Those who are familiar with his leadership would cast no doubt about his capabilities to bring osmosis inside CENI all things being equal.

Today, it is appropriate to understand that globalization is not a utopia, but a reality to be taken into consideration in order to avoid negative results: it is the surest way to penetrate a little more into the process of electoral idealization, and to understand the mistrust of the people, who have closelyexperienced many horrors both in the collective sphere and from unquantifiablequiproquosduring the electoral terms in DRC. In his interventions around the world, whenever elections pose a risk of popular uprising, Denis Kadima has demonstrated that the difficult art of evolving is linked to the ability to use rejections and other trials to learn in order to become an excellent leader of men; rejections and trials; he has crossed the Rubicon thereof.

Many of the symptoms of political upheavals are due to the pre-eminence given to ideal satisfactions at the expense of people demands, and proper politico-economic-social analysis would promote a certain rebalancing. Also, it happens that the mere attachment to one or another fundamental ideal is enough to cause serious damage. The CENI deserves better and must be a large-scale electoral institution, guarantor of a political life, an activist of economic, social, cultural life, engaged in various dimensions, and which ignites at the slightest injustice taking place, defends all the stakeholders with no exhaustion by dint of wanting to help them at any cost. Sothe desired CENI transformation or change will be a victory in view of the unyielding stubbornness that Denis Kadima embodies!