June 18, 2024


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P Diddy and Jackpot BT to unite America and Africa

Mr. Combs aka Puff Diddy is eying young rappers around America that include talents in the world. From the last release of Jackpot BT featuring the greatest African artist Werrason, the tune called “Too Much” is apparently impacting the international platform of music. People scuttle up and down the staircase with a deceptive lackadaisicalness that feels more L.A. than the Harlem hustle that produced an ambitious young man the world would first meet as Sean “Puffy” Combs. For a younger generation, Diddy is known for at least a half dozen things other than music. Businessman, Celebrity host, Reality television judge. In many ways, Diddy won. In the other side, Jackpot BT is known for shaking the revelation of music during the pandemic time in Africa especially between South Africa and Congo, going through France, UK and Dubai. He proved that he was more than a music guy who got lucky. He translated his cultural dominance from Congolese background into economic power, with all the complexities that entails.

At the time when Diddy may get involved with young artists, Jackpot appears to be favorite because of his creativity, embracing different musical genre based on afrobeat, urban music and amapiano. This opportunity gives Diddy long the way, he reinvented himself for new audiences while building successful businesses in competitive industries like fashion, telecommunications, and technology.

Jackpot BTbegan trending on Twitter this week, with social media users putting Diddy in the headline for eyeing young artist that are focused on work, emerging and have talents such as the quality demonstrated lately by Jackpot BT. 

Jackpot BT is planning big events across South Africa, Congo, France, UK and America. Many African artists are interested in collaborating with him because he proves to have good lyrical touch. Some other think Jackpot has a good beat choice and a sense of creativity. All these put together make the author of Love you mama, Belong to you, Pololo and many more to step for the next conquest like other super stars like Daido, Whizkid, Cassper Nyovest, AKA, Diamond Platinum, Werrason, Salif Keita, Youssoundour, Gim’s, Dadju and Puff Diddy.

For his manager and publicist, Mr Curtis Walton Zambio, Jackpot BT is the growing sign of musical revolution in Africa. There are many ways to be an artist in the continent and there is space for all. People must just take time to listen and compare so they can know who the lion is growing in front of them. Many followers of Jackpot BT are optimistic about the new way that collaboration may happen between Africa and America through big names in America.