June 18, 2024


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JACKPOT BT the new African music revelation

JACKPOT BT is from The Democratic Republic of Congo, living here in SA and is famous in DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Angola, Zambia, Ivory Coast, France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Gabon, Burundi and other parts of the world. He conquered the South African music space through his collaborations with big names like Professor, Heavy K and others.

Music is a universal language that unites people from around the world. When it comes to singers, there are people who sing, and there are others whose voices are undeniable in richness of talent and the ability to connect with the hearts of fans especially in African.

Gifted singers who come to mind are legendary artists like Yvonne Shaka Shaka, Papa Wemba, Werrason, Koffi Olomide, Davido, Whizkid, Casper Nyovest, AKA and others. There is a new gifted artist emerging on the urban music in Africa front destined for greatness. His name is Jackpot BT.

As a recording artist, Jackpot BT has a unique Afrobeat, house, amapiano sound that are creating buzz on the national music scene with his velvet voice and pure Afrobeat sound. Looking at his new self-titled TOO MUCH, “Jackpot BT” the project features both contemporary and progressive afro house tracks that include Pololo, Love you mama, Belong to you and Too Much featuring the legendary Werrason.

There are no filler tracks on this. Each song stands on its own as a solid hit as Jackpot BT interprets life experiences lyrically and melodically with pure feeling and range in vocal interpretation and musical flavor.

On top of his mastery of Afrobeat, amapiano and club music as a recording artist, Jackpot BT is the full package as demonstrated by his solid artistry as a concert performer. Whether recording or performing, what stands out is undeniable talent and passion infused in his original music that represent timeless African music for listeners to experience and enjoy.

Jackpot BT exudes a passion for afrobeat, urban and world music that stands out in his live show.

Looking at his range of talent, Jackpot BT represents the full package as a solid vocalist, writer, and live performer. With his dapper attire, velvet voice, and solid performance skills, Jackpot BT is “The Voice” of today’s contemporary urban music that will carry its sound and authenticity to new heights of global recognition and appeal. With his movement in style and grace from studios to the large stage, Jackpot BT is no doubt a legend in the making in the genre of urban music.

Jackpot BT has a strong social media presence through his manager Curtis Walton Zambio. Anyone can find Jackpot BT by search the same name on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others by typing: Jackpot BT. The manager expressed his availability for any booking or information that is needed about Jackpot BT.