May 26, 2022


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King Fabrice Zombi Kavabioko the unifier of Ne Kongo tribesmen


King Fabrice Zombi Kavabioko is a Congolese traditional chief. He is well known by his nickname “Zombi” because of his involvement in wrestling culture among Congolese community in the diaspora.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, power is separated and well define between political power and traditional power. When an eminent and high profile politician is elected or appointed, traditional leaders gather to invest him to reign on their soil as well. Traditional power is that recognition an individual acquires to lead his tribal fellows on the land of their ancestors. Beside the evolution of political border nowdays, most cultures in Africa are still practicing that traditional custom.


King Zombi is a descendant of a King in the Kingdom of Kongo extended land. He previously lived in South Africa where he has taken many initiative to assist Congolese. He practiced and organized many activities such as wrestling and Youth mobilization for the reestablishment of peace in the war torn African nation of Congo.

After receiving the echo of his activities as a leader in the Congolese diaspora, some Congolese official expressed the will to work hand-to-hand with Fabrice Zombi back in the country.

King Zombi led mass mobilization of the youth appealing for peace in times of protests and political violence in Kinshasa. He mediated to approach different traditional leaders to work together with official for a peaceful solution in many challenges that the Democratic Republic of Congo is facing.

After the successful lunch of many peace initiative campaigns, King Fabrice Zombi was invested back in the Suku tribe, as the unique ambassador of the Kongo king Mini Kongo. He was tasked to reunite all Suku people under one united banner and honor their culture. He is the descendant and the chosen heir of the traditional power of Suku kingdom.


As a king, Fabrice Zombi Kavabioko has moved to meet up with his fellow colleague kings around Africa on his stature as a traditional king as well. He was received by King Mswathi of Swaziland in Mbabane on the occasion of Mswathi’s birthday.