November 27, 2021


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Africa in honor with Werrason at the Zenith de Paris

This week, the guests at Werrason’s concert at the Zenith in Paris, President Jossart Nyoka N’longo, the cleopatra Mbilia bel, Héritier Wanabe and Fabregas Le Métis Noir came to the rehearsal venue to make excerpts from their performance.
These events are a sign of the final assault before leaving for France where megastar Ngiama Makanda Werrason whom Wenge familiars call “Le Vangatama” will perform with her orchestra Wenge Musica Maison Mère at Zenith in Paris on September 17, 2021
As for the organization, the organizing team in europe led by Overlook Events took all precautions for the success of this event. For Werrason, the concert is placed under the sign of reconciliation between the Congolese, the promotion of African music, Peace in the continent and the return in force of his creativity as King of music.
According to the manager of Werrason, Mr Curtis Walton Zambio, the music of his artist has a unique cachet of the style of which he is holding it garnered in the philosophy of Wenge through his masterpieces such as Kibwisa Mpimpa, A la Queue Témoignage , General Alert, Techno Malewa, 7 Days of the Week and Formidable.
The manager confirms that all arrangements have been made to comply with health rules related to Covid-19. For this, the entire orchestra that will make the trip to Europe is already vaccinated. On site in Paris, the security arrangements are very well considered for a peaceful music festival on September 17th.
Werrason is an artist who loves challenges in art. Since 1997, during the dislocation of Wenge Musica 4×4, Werrason has implemented the promotion strategy of propelling talented young musicians who have faced a musical culture in DR Congo of the clans. In his palmares, Werrason filled the legendary European venues such as Le Palais Des Sports, Bercy (AccorHotels Arena), the Zenith in Paris four times, the venues of other European capitals and he filled 3x the Stade Des martyrs à Kinshasa which has a seating capacity of 90,000 places and 120,000 including the public on the pelouse. Werrason’s success paved the way for that of several other artists who have passed Dan’s musical motherhood to Wenge Musica Maison Mère.
Fans praise Werrason for his promoting qualities because the current generation of Congolese musicians is mainly made up of former foals from Werrason, starting with Ferré Gola, Fabregas Le Métis Noir, Héritier Watanabe, Bill Clinton Kalonji, Baby Black Ndombe, Celeo Scram, Robinho Mundibu, Deplick Pomba , Didier Lacoste, JDT Mulopwe, Miel de Son and others.
Werrason’s concert at Zenith is supposed to be one hundred percent spectacle. Taking into account the stresses and the long period of silence due to a lack of productions in Europe, Manager Curtis Walton Zambio insists that his artist Werrason has several good news to announce to the public after September 17th but everything works together with The strategies in place because Werrason is a phenomenon.
This concert will honor Africa. Culture is a force that vivifies the identity of a group. For this, the remaining tickets are on sale at FNAC. Anyone can buy even by phone
For the rest, manager Curtis Walton Zambio promises fans looking to get in touch with the artist are welcome to his “Werrason” Facebook page which has over 658,000 subscribers. The contact number for any concerns is on the Werrason Facebook page.
The march towards Zenith is a reality and the days are yet to come.