The return of Nyoka Longo revival the last three albums Zaiko in Kinshasa


Since the announcement of the return of Nyoka Longo in Kinshasa, some excitement has gripped the media in the capital that have intensified the diffusion of songs and music albums released during the six-year stay in Europe Zaiko. Not only as radios and television channels were also the tubes of 80 and 90

 years as to put on its pedestal this legendary group. The faithful of the group have been quick to exploit this renewed interest in their orchestra to prepare a home to his princely leader who arrived in Kinshasa on Friday 27 February 2009 accompanied by the guitarists and Shango Mangaya Gégé Landu as well as … Eugide Defer “taken” by Nyoka Longo who was keen for him to return. Kinshasa music lovers have finally the opportunity to enjoy their fair value at some beautiful songs in the last three albums the group: “Eureka”, “footprint” and “encounter”. Songs whose music videos have become the joy of many viewers. In this lot, the clips of songs “It is to” i Lola Mwana and “Eruption” by Montingiya (album “Encounters”) broadcast on several channels including Rtg @ Yves whose leader Abdullah announced as Nyoka Longo main guest in his broadcast this weekend. As our colleague JP de RTNC scheduled broadcast of the second part of the interview granted by the author of “Awa ‘to our fellow Bokal. So in this festive atmosphere to the sounds and rhythms of “Ngwasuma” that music lovers expect the President of Zaiko Langa-Langa and his delegation. Arrivals warmly welcomed by fans of Zaiko with these words printed on the band deployed on several blocks from the Congolese capital: “Welcome back Ya Nyoka Longo Jossart,” Vive Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka National Heritage ” A reception committee of scale Since he is not fond of racket and bling bling, Jossart Nyoka was well welcomed, even very well, but not excessively. A line of conduct which corresponds to the profile of the personalities who make up the host committee whithin which we find deputies, officers and Historical leaders or fans historical Wivine Moleka, Pius Mwabilu, Antoine Ghonda, Sherrif Kimbondo, Claude Kidicho, Prof. Patrick Misasi, Ya Misolina Felly, Freddy Shombo, Col. Fiston Malila and Emmanuel Mbanga. The latter, known as Dry Emma has had the ingenious idea of a direct interview during the practice of last Friday of Gunners (the new recruits Kinshasa) for some of the media that where present: Rtg @ Canal Kin TV, Color TV, Antenne A, for the press: Visa and New Africa. For an efficient return, ten TV stations will cover the event: Congolese National Radio Television (RTNC), @ Rtg, Digital Congo, Antenne A, Color TV, Mirador, CK TV, Numerica, Raga Web TV and Congo.

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