June 18, 2024


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Doctor Serge Tshibangu, the trusted advisor to President Tshisekedi

Dr Serge Tshibangu studied in South Africa at the University of Witwatersrand among the continent’s most elite institutions and has worked in the politics and economic sectors. Today, Dr Serge Tshibangu is an advisor to President Felix Tshisekedi of The Democratic Republic of Congo. Some people would say that he’s had a conventional rise to the top, from public school through an elite university to the most advanced country in Africa and then a top cabinet job, a lecturer of politics in South Africa. And as far as his position goes, he is very much on the neoliberal right of the UDPS party which is in power now. That is the party of the late Etienne Tshisekedi. Dr Serge Tshibangu is a market fundamentalist and international politics expert.

Considering how contemporary global politics has been seeing a greater number of unbalanced consideration especially in the question of Congo War, in both electoral politics and social movements, Dr Serge Tshibangu wants to make a comparative analysis between Western politics and Congolese politics in order to better address the questions of peace, development and regional cooperation in Africa.
Dr Serge Tshibangu said in Washington during his last visit that he hs also been greatly inspired by the enthusiastic approach towards interdisciplinary research in the US, something he feels like he is lacking in Congolese contribution if he does not put his expertise in practice for the wellbeing of the nation academics and politicians. He hopes that he can contribute towards rethinking pedagogy, international politics and good governance in DR Congo such that there is greater scope and acceptability of interdisciplinary research which, he feels, would open up more avenues for newer and more exciting thoughts.

In his words, he says that contrary to what he had assumed it would be, he was lucky enough to find warm and welcoming people in South Africa from the very first day of acceptance at the University of Witwatersrand. He added that he was made to feel at home and everyone he met was eager to help him out so that he could settle down in a new country in the most convenient manner.
According to Dr Serge Tshibangu, the politics of his boss Felix Tshisekedi does aim to change Congo’s system; the revitalization of its alliances and peace in the country. He sees Congo and other African nations’ relations stand at an important crossroads. The three principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation put forward by President Tshisekedi are the right way for Congo and the international community to get along with each other. The three principles serve the fundamental interests of the Congolese and African people and the common aspiration of the international community, and should be the fundamental guidance for the development of Congo-Africa relations.

Dr Tshibangi is working at the highest level of government at a time when the country is in trouble. The story of instability in Congo has started long before Felix Tshisekedi comes into power. The advisor to the president says they have achieved negotiations between the government and regional counbtries to end hostilities of rebel movements. They are working to provide a better social life to Congolese people. They are also aiming to meets the deadlines of programmes initiated by the president.