June 18, 2024


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Skilful Martin Fayulu too Much for Unworthy Moïse Katumbi

“I am not disappointed but outraged as I find this political class dirty and inhuman, without morals or ethics”. These are words pronounced by Martin Fayulu to Le Monde newspaper’s journalists in the aftermath of RDC presidential and general elections in December 2018. Currently, once famous opponent, Fayulu rubs shoulders with the very same inhuman class. Martin Fayulu’s versatility is not a new gospel, but politically, positioning redemption has never been a new wheel to invent, especially since it is done at no cost but pro bono with regard to speeches Fayulu possesses to convince masses, no offense to his new henchman Moïse Katumbi whose yesteryear volte-faces are only a rehearsal of what it is known of him already.

Martin Fayulu is endowed with an intellect capable of untying knots around the situations that DRC has been experiencing for more than two decades, but he is bogged down in bogs of headless opposition. Politically, Fayulu has been bottle-fed by the Limete Sphinx, Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba. Such a prophet, he called his own positioning- Resistance, not the opposition as described by Olivier Kamitatu, Katumbi’s Concierge – a former DRC Lower House of Parliament Speaker having presided over the destinies of the DRC with the ratification of the referendum vote of the 2006 constitution, has become the briefcase holder of a politician with an intellectual quotient close to nothing! Martin does not belong to the spherical category of Katumbi caucus, because Moïse is an economic vulture. Fayulu is a seasoned politician for the DRC and this republic needs all his skills and expertise – very important contributions. It is a sacrilege for Martin Fayulu to belong to this prism with non-rectilinear lines and composed around a raptor of the worst kind. The one who does not hesitate to crush anyone who interferes with his aspirations to get the DRC top job even if Congolese people are no longer interested in his shenanigans in consideration of his governance when once at the destiny of the former Katanga Province, all things being equal otherwise.

Martin Fayulu is an outstanding politician who has an eloquent background, and his credentials speak volume. He impressed Exxon Mobil, the American oil company where he served for ages. Curriculum vitae full of excellence in terms of his performance wherever he worked. Certainly, it does not bode well in the eyes of Adam Bombole who still resents him for having made him miss the governorship of Kinshasa in the 2006-2007 governorship elections, all-human work knows moments of turbulence. The boss of Ecide (Martin political party), then with MLC at that time, would have received orders from his hierarchy to vote for Bombole, also from the MLC. It was later revealed that Martin Fayulu would have made a deal with the PPRD in order to vote for its candidate, André Kimbuta. A deal that contained a monetary bonanza in addition to lucrative business to come; PPRD convinced Martin Fayulu that they would send their executives, members of institutions and visitors to Faden House for accommodation, meetings, conferences, catering, seminars and workshops. Faden House is a medium-sized hotel institution owned by this towering politician, who is a great figurehead in the political and economic establishment of the DRC, Martin Fayulu.

Congolese do expect a lot from Martin Fayulu and they firmly reject the idea of him taking Moïse Katumbi towards the 2023 elections. No one has a short memory not to remember that Katumbi is one of the main players of the Union Sacrée de la Nation, a platform set up by His Excellency President Félix Tshisekedi Tshilombo, he did not hesitate for a moment to abandon him whereas he called him “My Brother”, recalling some of his ministers from Union Sacrée. He quickly realized that the political machine did not stop because of his departure from the state institutions. Katumbi had then abandoned Lamuka to leave Fayulu alone; he sent Onyango and especially Francis Kalombo, to talk badly of him publicly through social networks. One does not do that to the one who was once Lamuka’s presidential candidate. Humanely before his conscience, Martin Fayulu recognizes that Katumbi does not have political pedigree; he uses him for repositioning. Martin Fayulu and Katumbi associativity, and to a lesser extent Joseph Kabila, is politically tolerated – yes, but it must be stopped. The nation calls upon Fayulu to accomplish great achievements for the country. It is time for him to get rid of all   mischievous people who cling to him to steal his ratings. Katumbi’s mischievousness has persisted long enough for Martin Fayulu to dissociate from it.

Long known by the nickname of the People’s Soldier (he still is), Fayulu hears the call to order by the whole nation, it is about time for him to hold up his torch which still blazes and will always blaze. He cannot go it alone either, but attaching himself to existing political forces, will have the flavour of a whirlwind restart for the Man of Tchangu. Being with Katumbi augurs bad for Fayulu. Already, Katumbi is involved in the shortage of maize and its flour that prevails in Greater Katanga and Kasai. He even subjugated the Zambian state authorities with banknotes so that they in turn shall inform the government in Kinshasa that Zambia will no longer export its maize to the Congo, or even allow transit of any maize or flour from South Africa, a decision of which the Zambian president had no knowledge. As soon as he knew about it when he granted an audience to the Congolese government team led by the Minister of National Economy, Vital Kamerhe, the decision was immediately lifted with retroactive effects. In Kigali, the same Katumbi is a shareholder in “comptoirs” for the purchase of blood minerals illegally exploited in eastern DRC. This is how he had ordered that there should be no condemnation of the Rwandan aggression, no mention of the killings in the East or the displacement of populations in the joint declaration, which sanctioned the botched work of the conclave in Lubumbashi. A DRC Presidential candidate cannot starve his people or allow part of the territory occupied by foreigners – who flock together, look alike! What is Martin Fayulu doing in this purgatory of Ensemble, this country’s wealth looters assembly?

While Martin Fayulu received baptisms of fire during the previous regime, Katumbi took it easy in tax havens. The inflammatory swelling on Fayulu’s face during a demonstration in Kabila era, be4ars testimony to his determination to carry out noble actions for the Congolese nation, he is ready to do it again sometimes to the death, but not alongside Moïse Katumbi. It is unacceptable that “Mafa” is the springboard that Katumbi uses to achieve his goals. Katumbi is so politically dirty that all detergents would be useless to whiten him. This man, called trader – economic operator, had blocked a convoy of Congolese minerals under Mzee in Zambia. Informed of the situation, the presidency of Zambia (conspiring with him) declared that the Congolese State owed money to a Zambian citizen by the name of Katumbi Moïse. With the maize shortage prevailing in some provinces of the DRC, the Congolese-Zambian is not done yet. Fayulu should assess the seriousness of the consequences he incurs by walking with the people gravedigger. All this for that “Mafa”? No ! It is better to be in “air-conditioned” offices to reflect on the future of the Congo than to be dizzy in “climatic” offices.