May 25, 2024


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A vote you will never regret: Jean-Bellow Melameka for Banalia in Tshopo

By Sheydan Hesed

This year 2023 will be marked by the organization of general elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While this moment happens as an opportunity for some mercantile ambitious enthusiasts to grab a seat in provincial and national Assembly, people in the province of Tshopo are supporting their ground based leader Jean-Bellow Melameka for national Assembly seat in the district of Banalia.
The vision of people’s leader Jean-Bellow Melameka is to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world. His take on social justice include people’s access to resources in their land, equity based on meritocracy and evaluated needs, participation in democratic structures, and human rights.
As a political candidate to upcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jean-Bellow Melameka support a national leadership that runs an administration whose general agenda is to revive the economy, provide affordable and accessible health care to all, strengthen our public education and social security systems, define a clear path to energy independence and tackle climate change, fight injustice and corruption in national level as well as in the provincial level at Tshopo. Recalling that the Democratic Republic of Congo has more than 62 countries with regular armies established on its soil plus regional countries invited to deal with M23 rebellion, the candidacy at national level aim to work with dedicated politicians, patriots and strategists to end the misery of Congolese people.
In the deep inspiration of Jean-Bellow Melameka, insecurity in suburbs, cities and villages must end by a great involvement of national police leadership. The leader of Tshopo will push for laws that establish the sense of accountability regarding insecurity, food shortages, diseases and epidemics expansion wherever those who hold higher position are found negligent or absent in duty.
Jean-Bellow Melameka sets to win these elections and fulfill a mandate that will be remembered for values from the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family, hard work and education as the means of getting ahead, and the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others in Tshopo province. His convictions are based on strong values such as honesty, rigor, transparency, dedication and patriotism that are connected to his experience in politics.
Like Nelson Mandela, the people’s leader Jean-Bellow Melameka believes that we are the custodian of his life and times; we are a committed facilitator of his living legacy; and we are mandated to promote his lifelong vision of freedom and equality for all. Our vision is a just society, one which learns from its pasts and listens to all its voices. The Democratic Republic of Congo deserve patriot that will put its interest first and foremost.
Solving provincial challenges require deep diplomatic contacts to bring all social actors on the table. That is why, through his foundation “Fondation Melameka Jean-Bellow”, several concrete actions are done on the group by building hospitals, clinics, creating contact groups in different district of Tshopo, linking traditional leaders to a command post that collect all necessary information that need urgent response. While the field of infrastructure is government’s responsibility, people’s leader Jean-Bellow Melameka is amassing efforts to address needs of the province and especially of Banalia’s residents by pushing the agenda of roads construction and schools along the implementation of a proper electricity plan to power the province. In the age of Fourth industrial revolution, Jean-Bellow Melameka wants also to diverse primary, secondary and tertiary education in the province by the insertion of training programmes and specialization workshops to equip the province with most needed engineers in Information Technology for the development of the Tshopo. The leader believes that this domaine will require his expertise in the field and contacts he has with international partners from multiple international corporations around the world such as from United States of America, France, United Kingdom, China, Belgium, South Africa, Canada, Japan and Thailand.
Since the bureaucracy of the province is corrupted and slow to respond to the need of people, the candidate to national elections for the province of Tshopo will continue working on the ground even if elected. Working in the national Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo will be representing the memory of Lumumba, Kimbangu and Cardinal Malula who had a clear voice for the integrity of Congo and better social life of its people.
The leader Jean-Bellow Melameka is calling all Congolese citizens living in the province of Tshopo, residents of Banalia and surrounding areas to massively vote for him in national elections. He will put his commitment on the trust peoples have on him. In order to challenge the current status quo in Tshopo province, people’s voice need to go loud in offices of Kinshasa.
At last, Jean-Bellow Melameka stands strongly on the idea that no one can fight for the poor if they never been poor. No one can build clinics and hospitals in villages if they have never been in villages. No one can listen to the marginalized if they have never been marginalized themselves. No one can love the people of Banalia and Tshopo in general if they never felt the need to be loved as part of those areas. Here is the local blood that wants to take higher the aspiration of Banalia, the province of Tshopo and the greatness of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Vote Jean-Bellow Melameka your candidate.