January 29, 2022


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Martin Fayulu to receive women support in South Africa

The political party Engagement pour la Citoyenneté et le Développemnt (ECiDé) of Martin Fayulu has organized an official launch of the Women Association (AFEC) in Africa of the South in Johannesburg. The meeting took place on 8 May 2021. Several women from the diaspora Congolese have taken part in this event . Since the 2018 elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the party of Martin Fayulu has increased its presence in the world. For its organization , ECiDé has a National Secretary in charge of the External Affairs who is Mr Athanase Mapesa, living in Belgium . In South Africa, the activities of ECiDé have started in 2019 when the coordination has taken his wings in launching the activities of recruitment , training, seminars for reflection and encounters strategy for the awareness of congolese diaspora in general , and international community living in South Africa in particular .

This is the course of events related to the situation specific to the Republic Democratic of Congo and especially the war in the East that the presidency of ECiDé has decided to support the actions of the coordination for External Affairs. The new strategy adopted by current leadership generation of ECIDÉ South Africa has started with the commitment of young people and women who have agreed to give of their time and devote their energies to the education policy of their countrymen and for the safeguarding of country doomed to disappear in the eyes of its enemies , most of them neighboring countries and world powers .

The women’s branch in South Africa is coordinated by Mrs. Djabaka Molenge Martine Wa Sangano who is also a member of the group of Women coordinating ECiDé in the diaspora. In her view, women have a very important role to play amid current situation that shapes political, economic and social life of congolese. This role involves the awareness of compatriots at family level, work and in social structures to which all are committed to defend patriotically the country and influence the establishment of the true democratic rule. According to the coordinator, women are the easiest targets and victims of successive conflicts in the country and especially in Kivu and in Ituri . Women suffer not alone but with their families and specifically their children . Even as the front policy triggered by President Martin Fayulu through his political engagement, his candidacy in last elections and organizing workshops, picketing, strikes support and conferences trying to find the ways and means to put an end to the crisis in Congo, women also help to develop a conductive framework in order to educate responsible citizenship and promote the development of the country.

In practice , the Association of Women orients its assets to the mobilization of Congolese Women in the Diaspora across South Africa, the recruitment of members and the actions to carry out in synergy with national leadership in Congo.
Through her leadership, Madame Djabaka called for unity of congolese, understanding and common action to address critical issues concerning the nation.
Ms. Djabaka Molenge Martine also underlined that women are more determined than ever and are at heart with the suffering women of eastern DR Congo who are often victims of rape, rebel incursions , professional discrimination and the lack of support in their lives. projects of development . The date of the next meeting will be announced after the meeting of all the coordination in South Africa.