January 29, 2022


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“Nothing became many things”; Nate’s Car Sales’ success story

One of the biggest second-hand car sales dealerships located in the heart of the city of East london, in the friendly province of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, is Nate’s Car Sales.

Six years ago, the establishment was situated in a hidden corner; in the family premise, Nathanael Mama’s house, where the small but already noticeable business was running with the help of family members, notably Nate’s beautiful, kind and dynamic mother affectionately called, aunty Charmaine.

Like the start of every other great achievements, the beginning of this currently fast growing brand Nate’s Car Sales, was not glamorous. The brainpower behind the success of this company, has a thrilling story to tell; from earning less than 1$ per hour(R10), cleaning counters, being a young “Indian” taxi driver known as “Raja”, to putting advertising stickers in the streets for a fee, Nathanael Padayachee has done it all. Well, almost! Against all odds, these difficult experiences did not shatter him but built the strong, perspicacious and successful boss and owner, we know today.

Born and raised in a family of religious believers, it is with no doubt certain that the values of society, instilled in him from young age, shaped this “people’s person”, he is.

Charity events, giveaways, spotters’ rewards, financial assistance, you name it; there’s absolutely nothing he does not do, to assist and help the different communities around him. From street vendors, school kids, artists or entertainers, public institutions or establishments, he has the heart for everyone. He simply avails himself for those in need.

Nate’s Car Sales employs approximately 30 people; still helping provide for many families despite difficulties faced by many companies during the covid-19 pandemic crisis. The dealership offers a wide variety of pre-owned cars to purchase. Over 200 vehicles are available to choose; from normal daily runners, utility vehicles or bakkies as well as sport machines, everyone’s catered for. And no worries for you who do not find your preference, they’ll source it for you.

The dealership has a strong presence on social media and a physical location on 106 Main road, Amalinda, a suburban area of East london in South Africa. One should visit the establishment, should they wish to purchase or sell a car; their welcome is simply a warm one and their service, of great standards.