King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko address The Global World Congress on sustainable development

King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko has attended the GBR World Congress Exhibition where leaders from all over the world discuss economic and development matters. This activity has just followed to last tour King Zombie had in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. In his last tour, King Zombie has met with provincial leaders in the province and traditional leaders. He participated in multiples events organized by local authorities.

In Johannesburg, King Fabrice Zombie was invited to take part where leaders and decision makers from all sectors address ways in which global economic growth and equitable distribution of wealth and resources can occur. This is a part of his engagement in development for all Africans especially those in the southern region of Sahara. King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko intervened under the topic: “Achieving sustainable global economic growth and equitable redistribution of resources”. The presentation is a sign of engagement African leaders and business leaders are promoting to minimize poverty in the vast majority of Africa.

Central to the high-level discussions is Africa’s positioning and participation, which will effectively advance the economic development agenda of the continent. Political leaders, traditional leaders, public opinion makers and influential figures discuss and develop an understanding on diverse and content-rich programme caters for multi-national corporates, public sector, SMMEs, technical and financial partners wishing to explore trade and investment opportunities through various types of partnership models including, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and entrepreneurs seeking finance for their projects. King Zombie has called upon the new president in Congo  Felix Tshisekedi to be accessible when he is needed to discuss problems of development.

In this last event help in Johannesburg, King Fabrice Zombie highlighted the need and importance of intra-regional trade on the continent, as well as a need for reviewing present multilateral agreements that are more responsive to the needs of the continent. He associated Joseph Kabila. He thanked Kabila for his involvement in making traditional leaders comfortable in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The event in which King Zombie took part aimed to attract representatives from over 100 nations, for meaningful dialogue through high-level plenary sessions. Plenary sessions are designed to bring diverse perspectives and formulate practical solutions to the issues raised by industry, government and private sector representatives.

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