Gender equality is a rather fight than a mere ideology in Africa (especially in the DRC).

As a result, women have the need to live without lacking or any forms of growing poverty (which we experience nowadays in the DRC).
The empowerment of women contributes towards the emergence of families, towards a good health and puts forward the projects of the future generations.

But these women are being raped in the East of the DRC and thus resign to their shameful situation in the face of the world.
As a result, they end up abandoning their children whose education will more likely be below average.

This sensitization is addressed to all African women, Congolese in particular in order to work with the first Congolese lady Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi in achieving an unwavering support to these wounded women in any form whatsoever.

Madame Denise Tshisekedi reckons that the love between us, and towards these bruised women will enable us to put an end to these episodes of rape in DR Congo.

In short, let us support the vision of Mrs. Denise Tshisekedi: Love, Awareness, work and perseverance.

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