January 29, 2022


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DRC: Erick Bukula wins the best communicator of the year 2021 (Poll).

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a political analyst in the name of Erick Bukula is voted as the best political communicator of the year. This is what emerges from a survey conducted by the very credible agency Amagep.
On its website. Amagep.co.za, this press organ specifies that, in the opinion of the people who took part in the survey, the choice made on the person of Erick Bukula is justified by his hard-hitting, relevant and enraged arguments during his performances during the debates televised.

His mastery of the art of debate also worked in his favor. According to Amagep who underlines the capacity of Erick Bukula to destabilize his co-debaters by small spikes but also to keep his control when attacked even in his private life. Something frequent during televised debates on Congolese channels.

A regular on television and radio in the Congolese capital, Erick Bukula is also known for his columns and analyzes published, shared but above all very commented on the web.

Coming from the Congolese diaspora in South Africa, Erick Bukula has established himself in just a few years as one of the young opinion leaders in the DRC.