May 26, 2022


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Climate change and the people of Kwazulu -Natal in South Africa.

April 25, 2019. Umlazi H section where one of the house collapsed during the floods. Picture: THULI DLAMINI

The devastation brought by fierce floods in Kwazulu-Natal in the night of 12 April should be a matter of great concerns both for South-African government and all of us as life-lovers and environment-protectors as a result of it.


Four hundred forty-three confirmed dead and 63 people nowhere to be found. Government mortuaries full and overloaded to the point of alarming disaster!

Calls for Assistance.

Beside government, calls for aid by the Premier ZIKALALA and NGOs are scattered across South-Africa to rescue those in need, displaced families, women and children, elderly and disabled.

Climate Change Activism.

The time has come for all of us to act to the tune of the Climate Change and its recommendations to save Ecosystems and the Planet more than ever.

“The Congolese Diaspora for Nelson Mandela Legacy ” has been at work for Climate Change Awareness Campaigns to gather stakeholders on board.