May 26, 2022


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ON June 6, 2018 the Francophone Community of Johannesburg has received His Excellence Cardinal Laurent Mosengwo. Since the establishment of french speaking believers in the parish Our Lady of Lourdes, situated in City Deep, the community received two high profile



authorities. Years back, the priest of the parish, Father Blaise Mambu invited the Archbishop of Johannesburg Bhuti Tagale. He came to honour and pray with members of the community that belongs to his area of power. Since then the community has been eyeing for another personality

who would pray with them and celebrate their prosperous time in the industrial region of Johannesburg.

The Francophone Community was established definitely in 2008 after years of movements around parishes in Johannesburg Central comprising St Francis in Yeoville and the Cathedral in Berea among many other places members used to pray in french once a month. The ancients members of the community trace the assembly unity and initiative back to 1993.

They enjoyed seeing many priests coming and leaving. The last priest to come in the community is Fr Blaise who is been there for more than 10 years working in the community.

The invitation of the Archbishop of Kinshasa, Cardinal Monsengwo was firstly to celebrate 10 years of the establishment of the Francophone Community of Johannesburg.

However, this occasion came in a time when the Cardinal is voicing out in Congo for a better political situation in the country.

His position against any violation of the constitution by the current political leadership in place has made him very popular among congolese of different religions.

The Cardinal was since as a double celebrity in that case. Many congolese came to also listen to what he would say not only as a priest but as an oustpoken leader in the country.

City Deep has never seen such number of people in its premises.

The cardinal’s message was centered on love. He preached that people should love each other. Love is the way to pardonne and to serve others. He called upon people

to have a sense of service. Servicing other requires commitment and honesty. Many africans know the cardinal because he is one of the top 8 Cardinal leading the catholic church from the Vatican City.

He belongs to the closest circle of Pope’s advisors for the reform of the global church.

The Cardinal was thankful to the community for the quality of organisation. He celebrated the mass in Congolese rite which brought many memories to believers.

After the mass, different organisations mostly of congolese were assembled outside church for an official meesage by the cardinal. He addressed the crowd insiting on love which would lead people

to realise their hope because they are not living alone in this world. People should think of others in their occupation. After the brief time spent outside, he left to continue in a special lunch

that was prepared and paid for by members of the community who could afford. The “Agape” was organised miles from City Deep in a remote natural reserve beyond Edenval.

Many people enjoyed the mass because it was firstly an event for the community.

Such historical moment will still in the head of members who received a great pastor.