May 26, 2022


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Traditional leader King Zombi Kavabioko to unify africans

The Congolese traditional leader King Fabrice Zombi Kavabioko has started the year 2019 by a variety of activities. In his country The Democratic Republic of Congo, there was growing pressure from the international community in 2018 in favour of peaceful and fair elections. On December 31st, the nation held elections which left uncertainties over its fairness. Felix Tshisekedi was proclaimed the winner over Martin Fayulu who is believed to have won with a large majority of casted ballots. The main candidate who was chosen by then president Joseph Kabila to replace him during the electoral campaign, Emmanuel Shadary lost in the final counting.

That situation has shaped both domestic and international politics of the country. Since its independence, Congo has held various elections that are mostly contested as non-democratic. Kabila who took power in 2001 after the assassination of Laurent-Desire Kabila, stayed in position for 18years. Following the amount of pressure on how tribes should look at each other after elections, King Zombi of Mini Kongo Kingdom has approached tribesmen of his ethnic in the Bandundu to plead for peace and reconciliation. His message was delivered during a long trip in different sectors of the province. He met traditional leaders in Kwango and Kwilu provinces where he was recognized in his capacity as their representative at a higher level.

When King Fabrice Zombie Kavabioko Mini Kongo met leaders in villages, they were excited to express him their grievances and aspirations. They adhered to the idea of unity among themselves. In fact, administrative territories have both state organized government and traditional leadership to which the land belongs primarily. Leaders have gathered during the day and night to discuss matters of high importance on issues of local conflict and matters of general interest such as politics. On the aspect of general interest, King Kavabioko has pointed out the way things are done in Kinshasa in politics. He touched on the notion of retribution justice as well as peaceful consideration of the relationship between traditional leaders and the central government in Kinshasa.

Another question was to address Martin Fayulu outcome after elections. Zombie believes that Fayulu should take events the way they happened and solve all incoherencies peacefully.

King Kavabioko is well known in the inner political circle of Congo for his long-standing support to Joseph Kabila. By the time of Kabila’s reign, Zombie founded an organization that supports Kabila’s policies towards the youth. That organization AJOKA has granted bursaries to young Congolese who were willing and qualified to study amid financial difficulties. The program developed by the organization was extended to students who applied to a tertiary level of education in foreign countries. As a matter of fact, Joseph Kabila is no longer, in principle, the leader of the country. Zombie has shifted his support to Felix Tshisekedi who has been in office for less than a month now.

Besides those political discussions King Zombie held with the elders and chiefs, he had some ceremonies to strengthen his power officially as a leader of that land. He was welcomed by crowds and different people of every corner of villages, towns and communities he visited.

King Kavabioko’s agenda is fully oriented to achieving the unity of Africans all over the continent. He considers that unity is salient to the kind of help Africa needs currently. There is a clear positive progress in the way his activities are being managed. He is visiting tribes and traditional leaders around southern African region. Most of the leaders are welcoming the initiative of the King has taken.