Residents of Kinshasa Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, favourite share at 1 day of the elections of Governors.
We will reiterate our support and confidence in him, and we ask him to make Kinshasa as beautiful as once was before, fight insecurity, insalubrity, noise pollution and so on.

He is a Congolese compatriot, and especially a true Kinois, a cultural, sporting and political entrepreneur, always interested in the well-being of others and for the benefit of the people of KOREA, and also enjoys a great managerial and job-creating capacity, always listens to others.
Taking into account his expertise he leaves a positive balance sheet in the province of Maindombe, in this case: Ecobanc banking institutions, 40 tons metal bridge, Kanda Nzale reinforced concrete bridge, Bac, etc …

At the head of Kinshasa, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka brings a new breathe, a new vision on the horizon Kinshasa of excellence.

Great merit (Ambassador of peace) and Best choice for the city of Kinshasa, the man of moral value proceeding from the effect that overcomes the difficulties by his sense of duty and aspiration to the good. He has a knowledge to prove and challenge to be taken to Kinshasa the Congolese capital. Worthy appreciation by its moral qualities, intellectuals etc.
Merit directed the city by the recognition of esteem brought to Kinshasa and well to its social actions and others. Here is the profile for a governor Kinshasa own, salubrity where reigns security and social peace is GNM.

With regard to the conflicts of communal war between the Banunus and Batendes of which he accused and worries of  his atrocities, has nothing with his candidacy of Governor of the city of Kinshasa.

Nevertheless, as No. 1 of the province of Maindombe, it would have instructed well the heads of the armed forces and that of the national police each in his case to make arrangements.

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