Bitter Fatma Samoura Takes Revenge

It is not a secret-of-polichinelle that Samoura would vow in silent fervour to avenge her removal as FIFA expert in secondment to CAF Headquarters. The CAF ExCo decided, early February 2020, unanimously to end a six months tenure period of the FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura, appointed to exchange experience and skills, and get involved in the project of restructuring CAF. 

As “FIFA General Delegate for Africa” from 1 August 2019 to 31 January 2020, renewable with the agreement of both CAF and FIFA, Fatma Samoura prerogatives were primarily: to oversee operational management of CAF, including governance and administrative procedures; to ensure the efficient and professional organisation of all CAF competitions and to support the growth and development of football in all countries and regions of CAF


Also, Fatma appointment translated into a medium that would bridge the divide between CAF and FIFA, enabling close relationship in order to best assist all Africa FAs in reaching stability, serenity, professionalism and effective football development on the African continent where the passion for football is so prevalent. In no way was she allowed to perform audit commissioning of CAF books as pompously reported in an article posted online on 7 February 2020 and accessible using this link


The world football governing body Secretary General, Fatma Samoura was already in an ejection seat. The Senegalese incompetence and lack of management were so palpable, as reported by Le Monde Newspaper on 7 February 2019. This, following a confidential report on the state of her administration of the organization availed in 2018 by the Norwegian Kjetil Siem, one of the closest ties of the Fifa President Infantino. Several extracts from this report were leaked in the context of “Football Leaks” and concerned funds allocated to the national associations within “FIFA Forward Program” framework. According to information from the French newspaper, Mr Siem deplored the management style by the Secretary General Fatma Samoura and heavily criticized her for her patently notorious incompetence. Many close to FIFA still believe until today that Alasdair Bell, the current Deputy Secretary General, responsible for administration, is poised to take her seat. And a former FIFA Executive whispered then: “I would not be surprised if Infantino wanted to get rid of his Secretary General. I learned that he was no longer so pleased with her”.


Is the above insufficient proof for Infantino to dump her in CAF, considered by him to be the waste reception center for Samoura to be recycled? As she witnessed CAF reluctance to commit to her goals of securing a permanent position within CAF administration at the completion of her spell, she delved into a combative mood and seek revenge. Because such an aspiration could not be materialized, the Senegalese lady was slapped in the face by CAF for not pursuing or exploring this avenue. She has embarked on a vendetta scourge to fool many African sport pundits and government authorities with all sorts of fabricated, untruthful and unscrupulous  claims to tarnish CAF image and Executives. Fortunately CAF is not the “apocalyptic” landfill of Mbeubeuss, one of the largest in Africa, poisoning the lives of inhabitants in Senegal. The recent spates of CAF misdemeanours shall serve as an awakening call for CAF to consider African experts and consultants should it face a cul-de-sac in its management again and spare football lovers a double jeopardy.


The findings by Fatma Samoura have yet to be disclosed to a larger public; But Gianni Infantno has come forward to state that he has a roadmap to steer African football to new heights, including: the construction of the state of the art stadia in African countries to the tune of U$1Billion;  the implementation of a Super League in Africa; training and professionalization of 20 African referees etc.  It is surprisingly noted that such discourse would have emanated from Fatma Samoura, FIFA Delegate for Africa, entrusted with the mission to brainstorm implementable resolutions. Why has Infantino stepped in? Are Infantino’s resolutions differing from Samoura’s? The dignity and independence of CAF shall be the first priority and it shall never be infeoffed by whomever or enticed to pledge allegiance to anybody or corporate.


It serves as a lesson well learnt by CAF leadership in blindly entrusting a football inexperienced administrator with the future of football on the continent and CAF. The signing of a contract with FIFA for the marketing TV rights of qualifying games for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, under the nose of Fatma Samoura, then at CAF, is a horrifying deception on the part of CAF orchestrated by FIFA without anyone in the administration questioning the proposal. Morocco through the Royal Football Association President Lekjaa, duly tabled their planning to resurrect African football, notably, facilities, youth mentoring and monitoring and governance, considering 500 Million youths Africa possesses; a cradle of talent needing help and assistance to explode. Morocco is well advanced in this regard; Mohamed VI Sports Complex is better equipped than Clairfontaine in France as pointed out by a seasoned journalist Philippe Doucet. Elsewhere in Senegal, Dakar Sacré-Coeurs, Generation Foot and Diambars are football youth academies performing excellently, as revealed by Tarik Najem, Secretary General of Royal Football Association of Morocco, to set precedents.

Was it difficult for Africans to realize that rationalization of objectives in terms of stability and progression of results, the availability of raw material that Africa abounds in terms of talent reservoir and governance are some of many pillars, vectors of football development on the continent with a social dimension that will need to be deepened? The contemplation of a FIFA tutelage ensured by Fatma Samoura to identify the hiccups and illnesses as well as stumbling blocks hindering African football take off, for which it is no secret that diagnosing is inherent in the adjustment of deficit, in order to cure the causes not the symptoms, and start catching up with the European advance; was a monumental error in the derogation of powers. So many flaws have given rise to dire consequences.


It is a common knowledge that media in Africa do not spare CAF leadership with heavy criticism, with no leniency applicable, but naming embezzlement of U$ 24million by Ahmed inner circle within CAF gives rise to ill-founded and malicious rumours.  According to sources, media that posted and published these allegations are bottle-fed through Fatma Samoura purse to invent innuendos. They are paid by her and other CAF enemies to perform dirty work and discredit  CAF hierarchy members portrayed in the report. The advent of money laundering for supposedly terrorist missions, endeavours have been meticulously implemented to curb offshore account payments with stringent control carried out. It is rarely probable to exit airports around the world with loaded briefcases untraceable. Traceability of funds and other mineral commodities have become prerequisites to be adhered to worldwide.  How did they manage to take cash out of Egypt? The funds siphoning findings are allegedly contained in PriceWatherhouse & Cooper audit report filled last year in November 2019, so why are they credited to Fatma Samoura’s mission conclusions?


Illustratively, it is futile to believe  in posting that CAF paid for Constant Omari’s daughter wedding including subsequent nuptial and marital processions, as well as some invited guests within CAF.  Firstly the wedding took place on 16 August 2019, and not in May 2019 as portrayed on this website. Secondly it all happened in Atlanta (Georgia – USA) not in Kinshasa, capital of the DRC as falsely reported.  As per Afrique sur 7, DR Congo President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo hosted in May 2019 Confederation of African Football leader Ahmad Ahmad as well as legendary Cameroon forward Samuel Eto’o  on Caf head’s first visit to the country since he assumed responsibility of steering African football in the right direction. Ahmad and Eto’o were joined by Caf’s vice-president Constant Omari as the continent’s representatives to visit the African leader. This justifies the presence of Ahmed at the entrance of Kempiski Hotel (Hotel du Fleuve) in Kinshasa on a picture exhibited therein. If these two situations cited in the posted article are untrue, question marks are still hanging in order to establish the truthiness and objectivity of the positing.  Sustaining proof thereof can be obtained whenever requested.


Undoubtedly, invisible hands are pulling strings for the demise of CAF, using chivalrous media and launch the quest to control African football, FAs and render CAF dependable on them. CAF remains a heritage bequeathed to Africa by its founding fathers: Engineer Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem of Egypt, the Sudanese Abdel Rahim Shaddad and Dr Abdel Halim Mohamed Abdel Halim including Ydnekatchew Tessema of Ethiopia.  The lesson learnt by CAF for allowing the continental football body to be under the tutelage of FIFA with the designation of Fatma outside CAF inner circle and Africa, as a whole, is a wake-up call. Its leadership shall preserve the remarkable story of the forefathers that is intertwined with decolonisation and the battle for respect and opportunities for African football in the face of a Eurocentric FIFA and its puppets. Failure to preserve CAF acquis results in the relinquishment of the confederation independence. It is about time the leaders acquit themselves in battle that is raging.

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