May 25, 2024


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Aimé Mulumba, the charismatic Candidate of the heart for the voters of Funa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Currently, the political landscape in the DRC is in turmoil on the eve of the electoral deadlines, and is
undergoing the influence of a new wind of change for the National Assembly which wants and must
know new figures, who will talk about them; On this, the name of Aimé Mulumba stands out as the
rising star and Hope of the FUNA district.
Candidate for national deputy on the list of the Alliance of Elites in the Service of the People & Allies
“AESP-A”, a mosaic of the UDPS, Aimé Mulumba the charismatic and gifted, resolutely took the
option of blocking the road to the manipulative candidates, who exploit the population of FUNA
endlessly, and like they drink water.

Known for his activism within the Union for Democracy and Social Progress “UDPS”, from
Underground to the democratization of the Congolese political space, without forgetting his
unwavering support for the Head of State, opposition to power, Aimé Mulumba already arouses
great admiration in his electoral constituency, as we could see during his visits to his base at FUNA,
which is recognized in his speech for the national legislative elections of 2023.
Once elected to parliament, the FUNA hopeful candidate makes it his duty to tackle unemployment,
including urban banditry, real scourges which also destroy the youth from FUNA, his electoral

With all my heart and for the interest of the homeland, the Alliance of Elites in the Service of the
People and Allies chooses Aimé Mulumba as its candidate in the FUNA electoral constituency.
And, in accordance with the texts which govern the electoral game, we understand that the
campaign has not yet started, but what is not secret, Mr. Aimé Mulumba during the official
announcement of his candidacy for the national delegation, in front of the members of his
TOTONGA FUNA structure, found themselves facing a crowd present to listen to him, last Saturday,
August 12, and the People’s Candidate did not fail to confide his ardour to take his electoral
stronghold to the desired ports.

“It is true that we have challenges to overcome: Unemployment, poverty, war and violence are real
problems that affect our community. But, let us recognize that we also have resources, talents and a
strong & formidable people ready to work wholeheartedly to improve our situation. On these
subjects, let’s start by believing in ourselves, and especially in the potential & gifts that God gives us
as an inheritance…

Let us unite in innovations or creativity, which we must consider as means of obtaining solutions to
our problems. Thus, let us encourage mutual aid, including mutual solidarity.
Together we will defeat the KULUNA (Barbarism or Delinquency).”, concluded the Candidate of the
Heart for the voters of Funa.